An Open Letter To The Disgruntled Employee

Dear Disgruntled Employee

You work for a boss who is always on your case and your workmate(s) aren’t the greatest crowd to hang around with. You drag yourself to work 99% of the time yet you feel like they don’t value your opinion and never take your input seriously. Your better half has an up to date record of all those who are mistreating you at work – What’ve they’ve done and how.

You want to start your own business and you’ve promised yourself you will but the motivation only comes when they’ve upset you at work or when you run out of money less than 48 hours after your salary reflects in your bank account. Then you feel like maybe you should just quit & set yourself free. Then your boss or workmate “repents” and you forget about your business idea; you tell yourself “let me wait a few months then I will quit”.

You go through the same emotions a few days later when someone decides to pick on you – Again. This time you swear you are resigning within the next 3 months. You get excited when you read about prospects of business success – In fact you already have a great business idea in mind.

It’s been many many months now but still you are stuck in the corporate grind. You business idea is only but your “happy place”. You’ve never taken any real action to bring it to fruition.

You are giving away the best years of your life to someone else. Auctioning the best gift God gave to mankind – to the lowest bidder; you are being fruitful and multiplying, only for someone else. You will most probably retire at 60 still digging gold that belongs to another man – in exchange for peanuts, literally.

They will be rich & your retirement payout will be gone in less than 8 months. They will live a legacy for their offspring & you will guilt trip yours in to supporting you financially in your old age – when they could be advancing themselves to escape the miserable life you are dragging them into without their consent

No offense intended – by the way. The truth of the matter is, you have already given up on setting yourself free even before you even try! Or maybe it’s not that, the truth is – you’ve been lying to everyone including yourself; you don’t really want to get out of there.  You love your job, your boss and your colleagues are the best – period!

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