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What Drives You?

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Sometime ago I was chatting to a very dear friend and he told me about how frustrated he was with his job. He was working for a well paying corporate company in the country but wasn’t fulfilled. He yearned to do more with his life but was unsure about what to do. So much so that when another job opportunity came along he didn’t take it. It was a government job, that paid slightly more but with less work.

He was afraid of getting bored and he passed on the job.

During our chat, I happened to share something that provoked his thought process and he eventually realized that what he really wanted to do was go out and start his own venture. Not only one venture but multiple ventures in various industries. The reason he had been so frustrated was that he thought he was too haphazard and crazy to have so many different ideas. Someone had taught him that you need to identify that one business idea and stick with it until it works – something I am totally against especially if you are still in your start up years. Anyway, another topic for another day.

As we were discussing he then realized that he needed more free time. The job he was in demanded too much of his time he could hardly do anything else YET he was not ready to quit and concentrate on his ventures because they were still just dreams. All of a sudden it dawned on him that he should have taken that government job he passed on. Getting a high paying job with less work load was exactly what he needed to get his ventures off the ground.

The opportunity had passed and he had to start looking for another job.

My point is this, when my friend first passed on the job, he was driven by an activity mindset – where he just declined the offer because it didn’t seem right. When he started thinking strategically about his life and career and allowed his goals to drive his actions, he realized the opportunity he passed.

When you are activity driven, many opportunities and tasks will seem useless, confused and unreasonable. However, once you take a step back to define your goals and objectives with your life, career or business, you will be in a better position to identify opportunities and tasks that will help serve your vision better. You will even find sense in taking a government job for a corporate one or scaling down your lifestyle to free up cash for something that will propel you towards your goals. It will make it easier for you to cope with driving a second hand import when you can clearly afford a brand new Merc.

Being goal driven instead of activity driven will guide you on who to befriend, what to buy, who to hire, what to start, what to quit etc. and you will stop being taken by every shining thing that gets dangled in your fact.

What drives you?

An Open Letter To The Disgruntled Employee

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Dear Disgruntled Employee

You work for a boss who is always on your case and your workmate(s) aren’t the greatest crowd to hang around with. You drag yourself to work 99% of the time yet you feel like they don’t value your opinion and never take your input seriously. Your better half has an up to date record of all those who are mistreating you at work – What’ve they’ve done and how.

You want to start your own business and you’ve promised yourself you will but the motivation only comes when they’ve upset you at work or when you run out of money less than 48 hours after your salary reflects in your bank account. Then you feel like maybe you should just quit & set yourself free. Then your boss or workmate “repents” and you forget about your business idea; you tell yourself “let me wait a few months then I will quit”.

You go through the same emotions a few days later when someone decides to pick on you – Again. This time you swear you are resigning within the next 3 months. You get excited when you read about prospects of business success – In fact you already have a great business idea in mind.

It’s been many many months now but still you are stuck in the corporate grind. You business idea is only but your “happy place”. You’ve never taken any real action to bring it to fruition.

You are giving away the best years of your life to someone else. Auctioning the best gift God gave to mankind – to the lowest bidder; you are being fruitful and multiplying, only for someone else. You will most probably retire at 60 still digging gold that belongs to another man – in exchange for peanuts, literally.

They will be rich & your retirement payout will be gone in less than 8 months. They will live a legacy for their offspring & you will guilt trip yours in to supporting you financially in your old age – when they could be advancing themselves to escape the miserable life you are dragging them into without their consent

No offense intended – by the way. The truth of the matter is, you have already given up on setting yourself free even before you even try! Or maybe it’s not that, the truth is – you’ve been lying to everyone including yourself; you don’t really want to get out of there.  You love your job, your boss and your colleagues are the best – period!

Fighting the Good Fight Isn’t Always Easy

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There are times in business when you realize a forthcoming issue that threatens to wipe your business away sending it to extinction along with the dinosaurs.

There are times when you have to pay out large sums of cash and you know you can’t and there is nothing much you can do about it. You seat and pretend it’s not there. I usually just keep going about my business like the ship is not moving and will never get to the dead end.

Do you blame me?

Given two choices between thinking about focusing on positive things and sinking in depression, which would you choose? Don’t tell me about facing my troubles today. I am in no mood for it. Don’t tell me about how it’s going to get better and if you keep working hard at it everything will work out. Sometimes I do get tired of being the captain. I want to be the passenger. Sometimes I get tired of waiting upon clients – I want to be the client to be waited on.

Is it too much to ask, am I being too unreasonable? I know this is the life I chose and will never trade it for anything. But just because something makes you happy, aren’t you allowed to get mad at it when it’s not working the way you planned.

I love my wife – more than anyone but she makes me mad sometimes

I love my mother but she has a way of bringing the worst out of me sometimes

I love my children but she gets on my nerves sometimes

It’s only natural that I be upset every once in a while

Even at the things I love the most

I am human. I make mistakes, I tire and I fail – most of the times.

Am I out of character today?

are you surprised I am not my usual encouraging self?

I am not out of character.

I am in character –

Be encouraged!

Why Some Calls Are Not Worth Receiving

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I was rummaging through some of my old archives and found an application letter I wrote on 29 December 2008. It was to an NGO in Swaziland that was advertising a Marketing related position.

A portion of the application letter.

A portion of the application letter.

It took me back to the events that led to my application. I remember well, that it was at the exact time I had handed my resignation letter from my 1st company, which I co-owned with two other Directors – and had to sadly walk away from because of irreconcilable differences.

I was frustrated, confused and didn’t really know what the future had in store for me. So when I saw the job advertised in the newspaper, I saw it as a quick start to my new life. I reasoned that, it would give me the cash I needed while growing my new venture.

Guess what, they never called.

I started 2009 without any guarantees and ventured into my new venture, which I had been doing on the side for a while. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t terrified because I was. I had never done this on my own and to make matters worse, I was venturing into internet marketing, something that didn’t exist in Swaziland at that time.

To cut a very long story short, 9 years later I am grateful that call never came. I can’t stop imagining how my life would have turned out had I received that call and got the job. One thing is for sure, i wouldn’t have had the time of my life like I had building my own dream and using my hands to create my own wealth – instead of wasting away building fortunes for others.

To say it has not been easy is an understatement, I have seen it all – I have sat at the top of success and watched the world struggle to get by while my life felt like a cruise and I have dropped so hard to the most bottom part of the earth it felt like slipping right into hell.

Business has been rough – there were times when I went for weeks without a single dime and my friends would throw in a few Rands just to tide me over. In fact I have scars all over my life to prove it but it has been worth it. It is a journey I would take all over again even if someone DIDN’T pay me for it.

There is nothing like waking up in the morning knowing you own your own time, you are in control of your own destiny. Money is the one thing that holds us back from venturing into the unknown, but believe me when i say eventually it doesn’t become about the money – it becomes about the possibilities and they will keep you going every day, even if the money is not forthcoming.

In conclusion, don’t stress about that call that is not coming through, that business deal that is seemingly stalling, that friend who promised to connect you with the right people – that call, that you are waiting for – you might just be better of without it.