Why Some Calls Are Not Worth Receiving

I was rummaging through some of my old archives and found an application letter I wrote on 29 December 2008. It was to an NGO in Swaziland that was advertising a Marketing related position.

A portion of the application letter.

A portion of the application letter.

It took me back to the events that led to my application. I remember well, that it was at the exact time I had handed my resignation letter from my 1st company, which I co-owned with two other Directors – and had to sadly walk away from because of irreconcilable differences.

I was frustrated, confused and didn’t really know what the future had in store for me. So when I saw the job advertised in the newspaper, I saw it as a quick start to my new life. I reasoned that, it would give me the cash I needed while growing my new venture.

Guess what, they never called.

I started 2009 without any guarantees and ventured into my new venture, which I had been doing on the side for a while. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t terrified because I was. I had never done this on my own and to make matters worse, I was venturing into internet marketing, something that didn’t exist in Swaziland at that time.

To cut a very long story short, 9 years later I am grateful that call never came. I can’t stop imagining how my life would have turned out had I received that call and got the job. One thing is for sure, i wouldn’t have had the time of my life like I had building my own dream and using my hands to create my own wealth – instead of wasting away building fortunes for others.

To say it has not been easy is an understatement, I have seen it all – I have sat at the top of success and watched the world struggle to get by while my life felt like a cruise and I have dropped so hard to the most bottom part of the earth it felt like slipping right into hell.

Business has been rough – there were times when I went for weeks without a single dime and my friends would throw in a few Rands just to tide me over. In fact I have scars all over my life to prove it but it has been worth it. It is a journey I would take all over again even if someone DIDN’T pay me for it.

There is nothing like waking up in the morning knowing you own your own time, you are in control of your own destiny. Money is the one thing that holds us back from venturing into the unknown, but believe me when i say eventually it doesn’t become about the money – it becomes about the possibilities and they will keep you going every day, even if the money is not forthcoming.

In conclusion, don’t stress about that call that is not coming through, that business deal that is seemingly stalling, that friend who promised to connect you with the right people – that call, that you are waiting for – you might just be better of without it.

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