Fighting the Good Fight Isn’t Always Easy

There are times in business when you realize a forthcoming issue that threatens to wipe your business away sending it to extinction along with the dinosaurs.

There are times when you have to pay out large sums of cash and you know you can’t and there is nothing much you can do about it. You seat and pretend it’s not there. I usually just keep going about my business like the ship is not moving and will never get to the dead end.

Do you blame me?

Given two choices between thinking about focusing on positive things and sinking in depression, which would you choose? Don’t tell me about facing my troubles today. I am in no mood for it. Don’t tell me about how it’s going to get better and if you keep working hard at it everything will work out. Sometimes I do get tired of being the captain. I want to be the passenger. Sometimes I get tired of waiting upon clients – I want to be the client to be waited on.

Is it too much to ask, am I being too unreasonable? I know this is the life I chose and will never trade it for anything. But just because something makes you happy, aren’t you allowed to get mad at it when it’s not working the way you planned.

I love my wife – more than anyone but she makes me mad sometimes

I love my mother but she has a way of bringing the worst out of me sometimes

I love my children but she gets on my nerves sometimes

It’s only natural that I be upset every once in a while

Even at the things I love the most

I am human. I make mistakes, I tire and I fail – most of the times.

Am I out of character today?

are you surprised I am not my usual encouraging self?

I am not out of character.

I am in character –

Be encouraged!

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